Gaula Middle

Gaula salmon fishing
Rotation Beats

The Middle rotation beats on the Gaula are fished by daily rotation and include a large variety of pools which are distributed over various parts of the Gaula to suit all types of conditions. Although the Gaula is a fair-sized river, the beats are easy to wade, but hardly ever get too low to produce decent fishing.

The famous Bridge Pool provides good fishing at all heights of water and is one of the best holding pools on the river. Langoy Pool, New Pool, Maela Pool, Home Pool provide lovely, long stretches of beautiful fly water at most heights and there are good low-water lies at Tilseth Run, Junction Pool and Upper Pool. The beautiful Long Pool is said to be a fisherman's dream. The new Lower Gaula Beat fishes well in all heights and over the whole season. There are many other great pools included. Every year fly enthusiasts from more than 22 countries around the world come to fish these prime beats.

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Bogen söndre beat

The Bogen Søndre Beat – A Fly Fisher's paradise

We are very glad to be able to offer you fly fishing on this famous Gaula Beat, as it is one of the best fly waters you can find on the Gaula. The beat is located about 20 km upriver from our main water in Støren. The Fishing, which is mostly double bank, is particularly attractive for groups of 4 – 6 rods, who prefer to have their own exclusive water. The beat consists of several large and attractive pools - some of which are holding pools and others that fish best under high or low water conditions.


  Where? Gaula,Middle rotation
  When W.23-35
  How many? 1-20 rods/week
  Price from: Email us for prices
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