Gaula Melhus

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Melhus is southern Trøndelags largest community, positioned on both sides of the river only a few kilometers from the mouth of the Gaula which runs into the beautiful Trondheim fjord. It’s easy to get around by car, bicycle or on foot in the undulating landscape which embraces the village. When you are fishing in the Melhus area you will find yourself in a calm and beautiful environment whilst at the same time having all the comforts and services nearby. The fishing beats in the Melhus area are statistically amongst the best in the whole river year on year, both in terms of average weights and numbers of fish.

95 salmon was caught fishing in Gaula - Melhus last year only in June!

Big atlantic salmon Gaula fishing week.

In 2011 we continue to offer a level of fishing arrangements with a variety surpassed by none in this area of Norway!

In the season of 2011 you can fish in the rotation in three different beats, each one with their different characteristics, possibilities and challenges. All our beats are situated in the lower half of Gaula, downstream the famous Gaulfossen. Thus, they all get good runs of salmon all season, and good fishing conditions with sufficient water levels. With, you’ll have access to some really classic salmon Gaula fishing with that exclusive feeling of privacy. Yet, you’ll always have swift support and good advice close by when needed. We are here for you all the time, willing to help and make sure you have a nice stay.

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